Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Summer Staff is hereeeee

Sorry its been a week almost since i wrote last! things have been crazy around here. work week ended well and everyone left on Sunday. After they left, Maddie, Alicia, Steph and I went to downtown DL and there was an art fair type thing going on.

It was slightly reminiscent of the A2 Art Fair yet on a much, much smaller scale. Went to the only craft store within an hour, Ben Franklin (thats the name if the store.) It was semi ok. I'm excited to go to Fargo soon to go to Hobby Lobby.

Sunday we also went to LuAnn (the office admin)'s house and played softball and had dinner. My softball skills left a lot to be desired... apparently my K-8 playing of the sport have rubbed off in the last 8 years. haha. Monday had the day off.... and I..... don't remember what I did. Did a lot of hanging out. Hmmm. Thats disappointing, I dont remember.

Tuesday summer staffers came, and that was good. Not much food to make, so another day of just kind of hanging out.

Today was first day of work with summer staffers. My summer staffer is Courtney, and she is from.... drum roll please....


There are 2 summer staffers from Michigan... both are from GR, both work in the kitchen! So great. Its nice to have people from "home" around :) We made cake, cookies, and corn bread. It was very weird to be a teacher and have to be the one that new what was going on, knew the answers to questions, etc. but, it went well!

Tomorrow is the biggest day of the week, with a lot to make. Its also the first day of getting up at 6am. That will be the hardest part for me I think. I am not a morning person (in case you didnt know) so I will be asking the Lord for strength and excitement to get up each day and be excited to see the world before the sun is up!

haha. and to leave you with, some pictures I took when the sun was going down on Sunday night:



  1. WOW your photography skills never fail to impress me.

  2. Ben Franklin stores (5 & 10 they were called or general store).......... were here in Michigan cause I went to one as a kid. Wow, flash back!