Wednesday, June 24, 2009

quick bullets

  • this entry will be in bullet point format
  • carpal tunnel - i perhaps have it. i have been complaining about it a lot (sorry interns) but its a scary thing. the tip of my left thumb and index fingers are numb, and my entire left middle finger is numb. the tips of the same 3 fingers on my right hand are a tiny numb. i scoop 250 cookies a day, and cut cake almost every day -- repetitive motion'll get ya. trying to figure out a doctor visit tomorrow for sometime soon
  • session one is over saturday, and 2nd sesh starts sunday. im pretty nervous. i've grown quite attached to court and i like her a lot, and it'll be really hard to train someone new, make new jokes, and just.... get used to her not being here. sad.
  • its getting hot. good thing i have a fan jerry-rigged to my bed
  • WASHTENAW COUNTY YOUNG LIFE is coming sundayyyyyy. im beyond excited
  • organization happened in my room tonight. i got in an organizing mood, and it was great
  • young life staff is once again being considered. oh no. talked to ellen, one of the work crew bosses, about it and im going to be praying more intentionally about it.

prayer requests: for my intentionality in prayer; for time to MYSELF to sit, reflect, and just BE; for my hands/fingers; for the change over transition of sesh 1-->2



  1. praying for you! and SO EXCITED to see you on sunday!!!!! do i need to bring things for you???

  2. Pretty exciting stuff, except for the carpal tunnel and the hot. How's WashCo doing?

  3. Hi Emily, I am so very proud of you! I just want you to know that. I will be praying for your little fingers and that you will have time to spend with God who loves you so very much. My favorite alone time at camp was finding a place that was mine...not necessarily the most beautiful spot with the greatest view, but a place that was uncharted that I could truly hear God speak to me. And I always took a journal so I could sketch or take notes about how I was feeling and what I was hearing. But that's me. I hope you do what it is you do! Hugs!