Saturday, August 15, 2009

coming home.

so sorry i havent written in days [weeks...] but life is moving fast. we'll be leaving castaway club wednesday morning. well, most of us; steph left wednesday, lindsey annerino left friday, christine leaves tomorrow (sunday) and the rest leave wednesday.

at the beginning of the summer i would have never expected that i would be so sad to leave. from being in a place where i couldnt believe i made this decision; a place where i felt lonely and not a part of the group to how i feel now. sitting in the west wing with everyone, people chatting, some sleeping, some on computers... and being fully and wonderfully content. feeling like these people are my friends, my family. to LIVE with people, work with people, share with them for 3 months is a wonderfully challenging and yet rewarding and growing experience.

i have learned so much from everyone, and have learned both who i do and who i do not want to be. i have learned waht it means to live and to love in a different way, and to be understanding of differences, failures, shortcomings, and strengths.

these people have been so incredible that i wouldnt pick a different or better intern group -- good or bad.

so for those that supported me when i was struggling in the beginning... thank you. this has truely been an experience that i wouldnt change for anything.

see you next week, mitten. i cant wait to be home. but... really... i also can wait. i want to be here while also being there.

can i?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

love everyone; all the time.

read this tonight about the PA shooting at the gym, and it was just suuuuch a clear plea to me to LOVE everyone, pay ATTENTION to people.

you walk by people -- you see them [or else you'd run into them].... but do you LOOK at them? do you acknowledge them? do you really SEE them?

there is a link in the article to read the diary of the guy.... broke my heart. and in the end to see that he has some sort of faith, and the knowledge that salvation is not built on works.... that he feels and knows and articulates the exclusion he feels and wants to know WHY -- that he wants to matter, to be loved, to be noticed....

love: notice: care: say hello to a stranger.

because this is not how its suppose to be -
this is NOT shalom.