Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Joe Lindgaard.

There is a guy here who's name is Joe. He is the waterfront director. He loves my cookies and gives them to the guys at McLaughlins (the boat place) to bribe them to get his boat motor back. he just burped, and it DID smell, buy its ok because we are still friends. he is also a stud muffin that loves jesus and is a bachelor and looking. if you're interested, let me know because he is super hot. hes also looking for a new car. so if you have a subaru for sale, let me know and i'll tell him (as long as its not a wagon, but if its a WRX wagon we may still consider.)

i love joe.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

quick bullets

  • this entry will be in bullet point format
  • carpal tunnel - i perhaps have it. i have been complaining about it a lot (sorry interns) but its a scary thing. the tip of my left thumb and index fingers are numb, and my entire left middle finger is numb. the tips of the same 3 fingers on my right hand are a tiny numb. i scoop 250 cookies a day, and cut cake almost every day -- repetitive motion'll get ya. trying to figure out a doctor visit tomorrow for sometime soon
  • session one is over saturday, and 2nd sesh starts sunday. im pretty nervous. i've grown quite attached to court and i like her a lot, and it'll be really hard to train someone new, make new jokes, and just.... get used to her not being here. sad.
  • its getting hot. good thing i have a fan jerry-rigged to my bed
  • WASHTENAW COUNTY YOUNG LIFE is coming sundayyyyyy. im beyond excited
  • organization happened in my room tonight. i got in an organizing mood, and it was great
  • young life staff is once again being considered. oh no. talked to ellen, one of the work crew bosses, about it and im going to be praying more intentionally about it.

prayer requests: for my intentionality in prayer; for time to MYSELF to sit, reflect, and just BE; for my hands/fingers; for the change over transition of sesh 1-->2


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

rain, rain, go away.

it has been raining the past few days here at camp, which is a big bummer for me. not so much for me personally... i live and work in the same building so i dont have to go outside. but, for the leaders and campers here this week (which includes 3 fabulous friends of mine that make me smile daily) because i know how hard it can be to lead and be positive when the weather is less than optimal. I hope that the rest of the week is better for them.

im going to try and keep it cronological, although that may not be achieved.

work has been going really well. Courtney is great, and we still have a lot of fun. here are some pictures of us working:

we spend about an hour in the freezer (with breaks of course) once a week cutting ice cream for big cookie (we actually did that today, too). We take 3 gallon tubs of vanilla ice cream and with a huge knife cut it into 10 slices, one for each big cookie, which ends up looking like this:

a few days ago, we found these hats in the linen closet and decided to have some fun.

this is us looking like awesome bakers

this is me being cute in cooler 1 (we have 3)

this is liz and jiwon, the AM cooks (they got chef hats)

this is courtney stiring pancake batter that we made (YL camp is so legit that we make our pancake batter from scratch.... get some.)

our dining hall and pits WC kids have been working hard, so court and I made them cupcakes in ice cream cones as a "thanks, and keep up the good work" treat from the kitchen!

its started to get warmer here at camp, so i got my fan out of my trunk and hooked it up to my bed:

to the right is my fan, duct taped to the ladder of the top bunk. its relatively ghetto, but 100% effective. I also have it plugged into 1 of 3 extention cords for one outlet..... in 1 outlet, i have the following plugged in through a series of extention cords:
  • phone charger
  • computer
  • alarm clock
  • reading lamp
  • fan
im pretty sure that cant be safe, but i havent blown a fuse yet so im ok with it.

last saturday was my first day off in a while (and my first official day off on my official day off, saturday, instead of some random day) and in the AM Joey, Christine, and Steph and I went to Fargo. Joey had to get fitted for a suit for his friend's wedding, and the girls went shopping at the mall. We then enjoyed a variety of lunch options (Taco Bell, Wendy's, and I got Qdoba) and Steph also got her nose pierced, which looks awesome.

We came back from Fargo and went to Ben's grandparent's lake house, which is just down the road a bit, and also on Pelican Lake. We went out on the boat, came in, and went back out but this time girl on the boat and the boys (now including Jose and Ben) went sailing.

sunday was day 1 of our first week of young life, and it was quite the day. court and i have finally gotten a rhythm that allows us to get work done fast... too bad we only have a week and a half left to do it! at the end of the day was the water show, which is every night 1, to show campers all the water related ammenities you can do here at castaway. one of them is parasailing... and i got to go last sunday! it was my first time. here are some pics:

me, katya, and lindsey b on the parasail boat

the captains of the parasail boat, joey (standing) and ben

the view once we lifted off the boat.... i like it with pud waving and joey looking happy that we are up in the air/we didnt screw it up

a self pic is a hard thing to do when you are scared you are going to drop your camera because you are 200-250 feet in the air.... but this is the best one of me and lins.

a view as we were flying...
sunset is the perfect time to be 200 feet in the air!

some cool water we saw as we went around the lake

trying to give you a vantage point of how high we were

then today is the famed "day that never ends". it is also my favorite food day: pancakes for breakfast, tacos for lunch, and burgers for dinner with big cookie. there is also tableau (where kids get to see all the work crew and summer staff dressed up as, for this session, 80's, and then they go back to their cabins and dress 80's for dinner and the rest of the night.) then there is the opera, which is a program thing with skits/singing, then there is a dance followed by ice cream sundaes. its a longer day for me because of the sundaes.... we made 375 of them from 9-9:30 tonight (there are 356 campers/leaders) and then i just threw away about 100 of them. haha. such is life.

but this post has taken about 2 hours because of all the pictures and the slow internet in the windjammer, and this is the earliest i have gone to bed in 3 days, so im taking advantage of it.

hope you are well :)

shout out to joey....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

update soon

hi there followers.....

sorry it has once again been a week. this update is more of an "update coming soon", where i will give you a sneak peek at whats to come. pretty much this is a movie trailer.

the next post will include:
  • story of parsailing (with pictures, and shout out to joey who i didnt know read this.)
  • me/courtney "working"/working (with pictures!)
  • me falling on my butt at carnival tonight
  • how i get too much mail.
  • how i know how to make bomb-tastic peach cobbler now
  • my failed attempt at attending the flea market

ok, i might not write about all of them but.... there you go.
until tomorrow (i hope...)


Thursday, June 11, 2009



its funny because whenever i am about to write in here, i'm thinking that i just wrote.... but look, its been about a week.

i dont know that i have much to catch up on, though. i've worked everyday since my last post. the last day of week 1 was monday, so we had our first 'turn over'. it was actually not a bad day. we had to deep clean the baker which means.... move EVERYTHING and clean it. then tuesday was day 1, and yesterday was day 2. i worked for 14 hours yesterday.... it was super crazy. today was supposed to be a shorter day but it ended up still being pretty long. but, thats ok. monday night we all hung out for the night and didnt do much. some night we had a dance party, and this is what jimmy wore/brought:

it was great. he was aladin and brought apu.

other than that, just been workin workin. its already almost week 3 which is loco... things are going well. haha, i feel bad and like i should be writing more but really nothing much is going on.

tonight i went to go take a picture to turn into a postcard, and took this, also:

life is pretty beautiful here! saturday is my day off and if you would like to be included in my happy fun list of people i need to call, call/text me and tell me so!

OH, and Kate and i got coozies at hobby lobby (which, MC just texted me and told me that there is a new one in Canton.... amazing!) and made them for everyone. Joey and Ben have named the boat they drive "S.S. Lemondrop" and gave us each names (mine is Sugar Bubbles, others include Sparkle Kitten, Moon Beam, and Captain Sun Dust) and so we wrote those on the coozies and gave them to everyone, super fun.

ok, that was random enough for the evening! im tired.... going to bed!


Saturday, June 6, 2009

three weeks!


tomorrow is the 3 week mark, and it hardly seems like it. it simultaneously feels like too long and also not long enough. weird.

this week has been crazy... a 13 hour day, a 12 hour day, but today was a great day -- only 5 1/2! so great. and tomorrow should be relatively short, also.

after work today, Kate (the retail intern) and I went to Fargo to go to HOBBY LOBBY. oh man. i wish i had one closer at home, its way better than Jo Ann (and saying that is nearly blasphemy.) I got some stuff to decorate and give to my summer staffers throughout the summer (i know, i'm cute.) we also went to scheel's again and i got crocs (which is basically a sin to me, but i had to for work... my tennis shoes were not going to cut it for the whole summer.) we came back and then i helped with dessert for camper dinner (Courtney did it for staff dinner in my absence. she was also supposed to help with camper dinner but wasnt there.... oh well.)

Then comes the sad part of the day. i made 350 desserts for 406 people. which should have been more than fine, seeing as the past two days i made enough for 410 people and 50-60 came back to the kitchen. well, not so today. there werent enough. luckily, we had cut extra angel food cake so we just had to throw them together. well, the work crew girl that asked for more when we didnt have any got to see me freak out and run to go make more. well, she thought i was freaking out at her, when, REALLY, it was just at myself. apparently she had tears in her eyes. i appologized in person and then i also wrote her a note and gave her some cookies but i think i really hurt her feelings and i feel terrible. theres nothing i can do. a good lesson in trying to take short cuts (which really, was just trying to be efficient) and also on how to keep my cool in front of the work crew and summer staff.

good lesson.... still feel terrible.

came back upstairs and started looking for jobs, and realize i dont know how to do that. but, i did go to michigan.gov and look at their listing and found 2 promising jobs so im going to apply in the next few days.

happy sunday! missing AA... cant wait for my washco friends to come in just a few short weeks! yay.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Summer Staff is hereeeee

Sorry its been a week almost since i wrote last! things have been crazy around here. work week ended well and everyone left on Sunday. After they left, Maddie, Alicia, Steph and I went to downtown DL and there was an art fair type thing going on.

It was slightly reminiscent of the A2 Art Fair yet on a much, much smaller scale. Went to the only craft store within an hour, Ben Franklin (thats the name if the store.) It was semi ok. I'm excited to go to Fargo soon to go to Hobby Lobby.

Sunday we also went to LuAnn (the office admin)'s house and played softball and had dinner. My softball skills left a lot to be desired... apparently my K-8 playing of the sport have rubbed off in the last 8 years. haha. Monday had the day off.... and I..... don't remember what I did. Did a lot of hanging out. Hmmm. Thats disappointing, I dont remember.

Tuesday summer staffers came, and that was good. Not much food to make, so another day of just kind of hanging out.

Today was first day of work with summer staffers. My summer staffer is Courtney, and she is from.... drum roll please....


There are 2 summer staffers from Michigan... both are from GR, both work in the kitchen! So great. Its nice to have people from "home" around :) We made cake, cookies, and corn bread. It was very weird to be a teacher and have to be the one that new what was going on, knew the answers to questions, etc. but, it went well!

Tomorrow is the biggest day of the week, with a lot to make. Its also the first day of getting up at 6am. That will be the hardest part for me I think. I am not a morning person (in case you didnt know) so I will be asking the Lord for strength and excitement to get up each day and be excited to see the world before the sun is up!

haha. and to leave you with, some pictures I took when the sun was going down on Sunday night: