Thursday, June 11, 2009



its funny because whenever i am about to write in here, i'm thinking that i just wrote.... but look, its been about a week.

i dont know that i have much to catch up on, though. i've worked everyday since my last post. the last day of week 1 was monday, so we had our first 'turn over'. it was actually not a bad day. we had to deep clean the baker which means.... move EVERYTHING and clean it. then tuesday was day 1, and yesterday was day 2. i worked for 14 hours yesterday.... it was super crazy. today was supposed to be a shorter day but it ended up still being pretty long. but, thats ok. monday night we all hung out for the night and didnt do much. some night we had a dance party, and this is what jimmy wore/brought:

it was great. he was aladin and brought apu.

other than that, just been workin workin. its already almost week 3 which is loco... things are going well. haha, i feel bad and like i should be writing more but really nothing much is going on.

tonight i went to go take a picture to turn into a postcard, and took this, also:

life is pretty beautiful here! saturday is my day off and if you would like to be included in my happy fun list of people i need to call, call/text me and tell me so!

OH, and Kate and i got coozies at hobby lobby (which, MC just texted me and told me that there is a new one in Canton.... amazing!) and made them for everyone. Joey and Ben have named the boat they drive "S.S. Lemondrop" and gave us each names (mine is Sugar Bubbles, others include Sparkle Kitten, Moon Beam, and Captain Sun Dust) and so we wrote those on the coozies and gave them to everyone, super fun.

ok, that was random enough for the evening! im tired.... going to bed!



  1. I would like to be included in your calling plan!

  2. Aladdin is the best Disney movie every. Props to Jimmy.