Saturday, June 6, 2009

three weeks!


tomorrow is the 3 week mark, and it hardly seems like it. it simultaneously feels like too long and also not long enough. weird.

this week has been crazy... a 13 hour day, a 12 hour day, but today was a great day -- only 5 1/2! so great. and tomorrow should be relatively short, also.

after work today, Kate (the retail intern) and I went to Fargo to go to HOBBY LOBBY. oh man. i wish i had one closer at home, its way better than Jo Ann (and saying that is nearly blasphemy.) I got some stuff to decorate and give to my summer staffers throughout the summer (i know, i'm cute.) we also went to scheel's again and i got crocs (which is basically a sin to me, but i had to for work... my tennis shoes were not going to cut it for the whole summer.) we came back and then i helped with dessert for camper dinner (Courtney did it for staff dinner in my absence. she was also supposed to help with camper dinner but wasnt there.... oh well.)

Then comes the sad part of the day. i made 350 desserts for 406 people. which should have been more than fine, seeing as the past two days i made enough for 410 people and 50-60 came back to the kitchen. well, not so today. there werent enough. luckily, we had cut extra angel food cake so we just had to throw them together. well, the work crew girl that asked for more when we didnt have any got to see me freak out and run to go make more. well, she thought i was freaking out at her, when, REALLY, it was just at myself. apparently she had tears in her eyes. i appologized in person and then i also wrote her a note and gave her some cookies but i think i really hurt her feelings and i feel terrible. theres nothing i can do. a good lesson in trying to take short cuts (which really, was just trying to be efficient) and also on how to keep my cool in front of the work crew and summer staff.

good lesson.... still feel terrible.

came back upstairs and started looking for jobs, and realize i dont know how to do that. but, i did go to and look at their listing and found 2 promising jobs so im going to apply in the next few days.

happy sunday! missing AA... cant wait for my washco friends to come in just a few short weeks! yay.



  1. I want you to get a job in Michigan. That would be so cool.

  2. can't wait to be there in a few short weeks either!! :)

  3. It's a total bummer to have some think you freaked out on them when you didn't.

  4. Courtney will get to know you better and realize it was not her. I did a similar thing at the bank - to a staffer at a different location - then I realized she didn't really know me and I went right over there to explain I was just teasing with her. She realized it after working there longer.

    I am telling the local JoAnn store you have defected. :)