Friday, May 29, 2009

The Bickery becomes the Bakery once again.

When I worked here 2 summers ago, the intern (Nate) and I re-named the Bakery the Bickery, because we bickered all the time. but now, its returned to being the Bakery.

This is the bakery, aka the dungeon in which i work. to the far left you will see the counter in which i regularly work. above it is a collage of pictures i made with all my friends and family on it! its graduation heavy because.... well, some of the best pictures are from that day! to the right of that is the hobart, the machine i use... all day. its a 60 qt bowl, so i can make a lot of stuff. such as enough bread dough to make 17 loaves of bread, or cookie dough to make 100 cookies. then to the right of that all hanging up are the attachments for the hobart, along with whisks, spatulas, and a variety of things that I never used but apparently need to live in the bakery. below that are cookie trays i use and bread pans, also. the counter on the far right holds a mini hobart and behind it is a microwave. the counter in the front right (with 2 bags of bread on it) isnt utilized for much but storage and holding the recipe book. above it though is the white board i write all the days tasks on, and my calendar is there also. in the close left side, you can see in bottom corner all the sugars i have (white, brown, and powdered.) above it is a rack of all the dry ingredients i use all the time (baking soda, vanilla, chocolate syrup, etc. i guess some of those arent dry, so pantry items we'll say.)

this is a closer picture of where i spend.... 70% of my time. that counter is where i work most of the time. thats why i put the pictures above it (as well as a michigan alumni bumper sticker from Josh!). shelves of tons of measuring cups, and those white trashcans under the counter? flour. have to have trash cans to hold the flour. love it.

this is the area where most of the cooking goes on... the left is all counters, the right front is the tilt skillet where they make meat and stuff, and then the griddle where they make mostly breakfast items, and also peppers for philly cheese stakes. back right (with the red handles) are the ovens, which is pretty much all i use in this area.

this is the "sailboat surprise" that happened for dinner tonight. isnt it pretty? it looks really sweet but guess what it is? -- an ice cream bar with it's stick pulled out. Brian thought he ordered ice cream sandwhichs but really he ordered bars. but after a colaboration of Brian and Deb (the assistant cook) and I, this is what we came up with! i was impressed.

Here is Kenny (here for work week, and has done summer staff like 5 times), then Alicia, the AM cook that goes to Hope, Deb, and Maddie, on of my roommates and she goes to school in Santa Barbara who is the PM cook.

Ok, after all these pictures I'm tired and wanting to go to bed. Things are going well. Nothing is normal anymore, but normal is starting. its weird to have nothing familiar and that feeling is kind of catching up with me. Nikki told me week 2 would be the hardest. she's kind of right. I miss home but am also content here.... its a weird feeling and i wish i could have a taste of home... a certain taste.

oh, and Ray Donatucci is our speaker for work week. how great. I love Ray Donatucci. I took a notebook to club last night to take notes so i could hang on to every word he says, haha. we are going through the apostle's creed and last night a point he made was that the single commandment that appears the most in the bible (365 times... once for each day of the year?) is "do not fear" and what is most commonly following that command? "I am with you." Ray pointed it out this way, which i write and posted above my bed --

I AM with you -- I AM, the name the God says to call himself, is with you.

I am with you -- I am here, now, with you. Its not that he used to be with you or will be with you... but he IS with you.

I am with you -- i am here, now with you... not ahead of you, not in heaven away from you -- i am with you.

I am with you -- you! not just him, or her, or them -- but you! You are God's beloved, he pics YOU. (thanks again Kenny...)

just cool.



  1. you are so great! I miss you, but I really enjoy seeing where you are working everyday. It gives me a good way to picture where were when you told me you were working all day. I really love how much you are learning, and I'm glad you have a good speaker during work week. Call me today though, seriously.

  2. Man, now I want a Sailboat Surprise. Can you make some when you come back?

  3. What a great idea - of course you have so many of those - to show us where you are everyday. I am just playing catch up reading your blog - been a busy week being gone and lots of work before leaving and of course piled up when I get back. Love you baby girl! MOM