Saturday, May 16, 2009

In Minnesota!


Well, I made it to Minnesota safe and sound! Meg (a friend I made on my Spring Break trip to the Dominican Republic) and I left Ann Arbor at 7:15am and made it to Minnetonka (where she lives) at 7pm (6pm local time, MN is central... keep that in mind when calling me! :)

We had a good drive with little/no trouble. We pass through Chicago (beautiful! Had only seen it once before) around 11am EST and traffic was fine. Beyond that, when we got to the Twin Cities it was a bit more congested due to traffic. Oh, and OH MY GOSH toll roads in Illinois. Are they serious? It felt like there was a toll booth every 15 minutes. All told, I think it was only like $5 though so not a big deal.

Meg's house is beautiful and so far I have enjoyed shrimp with her dad and her two sisters are making spinach artichoke dip. Its great to be in a place and not driving!

I will leave tomorrow morning (unsure what time... probably around 10 or 11) to drive the remaining 3.5 hours to Detroit Lakes, which is where Castaway is.  I'm still a bit nervous about entering the new social situation (havent had to do that in a few years!) so pray for calm and an easy time with home sickness in the beginning (I realized a few weeks ago that the longest I've been out of Washtenaw County was the last time I was at Castaway, for 2.5 weeks, in August 2007)

I will try and update this frequently so that you know what's going on!! Feel free to send me an e-mail if you havent heard from me in a while :)



  1. So far so good...... glad you had a good trip. Are there campers coming on Monday? do you get time to "settle" in, explore and learn the routine? Just think of it as another "life experience" to add to your collection. You certainly have a long list so far! Love you girl baby....... MOM