Sunday, May 17, 2009

I have arrived!

seeing Chicago from the the road... it was the first time i had seen it since i was .... 10 maybe, so that was fun! i hope to stop by there for a day or so on the way home.

so back to today. got back on the road and after not too long i had to stop and get gas. i got off at one exit. there were 2 gas stations. BP had gas for $2.29/gal, and the cheaper place across the street was $2.27/gal. So, not only was it less expensive, but look what it was called:

Hi everyone....

I left Meg's house this morning at 10:30a.... only to return at 10:45a because I forgot my sweatshirt. haha. here is a picture from yesterday, since I didnt post it:

One of my mom's nick names was Chrissy Cruiser, so I thought it was funny :)

Drove a bit more.... reflective of the future and what was going on and my drive. was increasingly nervous throughout the drive, but then passed this exit and thought, wow, God is speaking to me through highway exits!

So the rest of the drive was good. Got off the highway and and made my way to camp. Called some people (and NO one answered... thanks mom and dad, haha) and then I was pretty much here! stopped at DQ to calm my nerves.... and can i just say, that they wouldnt give me a twist cone with sprinkles? they said they couldnt put it on a cone, but could give it to me in a cup with sprinkles and a cone on top. so, i took that and then scooped the ice cream into the cone. (and it wasnt that hard, pelican rapids DQ)

got to camp and pulled in the drive and .... no one was around. shoot. luckily, i saw Russell (Guest Services guy) coming out of the windjammer (where our rooms are, as well as the coffee shop, dining hall, and kitchen. i'll take you on a photographic tour of camp later) and he greeted me and told me where to park. then, it was right off to cleaning! they had a group that just left so we cleaned the clipper (which is the adult guest lodge) and then James and Alicia helped me unpack my car. I unpacked my room a bit, and now we are all sitting in the intern apartment-like area, each on our own computer (the mac to PC ratio is 4-2... macs provailing, clearly).... listening to Disney soundtracks and singing along. well, actually they are. i should brush up on my disney! Here is who is here so far:

<-- here we have Christine and Joey

< -- the is Ben

< -- and my movers, James and Alicia

all told, its going a lot better then my nerves would have originally dictated. im glad im here! i just dont know whats next :)

will talk again soon!!



  1. Hi Emily! I know we haven't talked in awhile, but I saw your status on FB and decided to creep and find your blog since I'm a blogger too. I'm very jealous that you are back at Castaway. I considered applying for to be an intern or for summer staff again, but for a variety of reasons neither one was possible for me this summer. I am kinda bummed that I have fallen out of touch with everyone from summer staff. I intend on keeping up with your fact, I'm adding it to my Google Reader right now. Hope you have fun at Castaway this summer!
    PS: Congrats on your graduation!

  2. Cruiser gasoline and a gal named Christine to work with - wow! Glad your first afternoon/evening went well - got your message when I got back to my car after golf. Golf went well - two of the golfers I have played with before and a fella that was pretty good and a nice person. Went to a pot luck (the organizer was celebrating her 50th BD) after playing at a really nice place off Wagner Rd just south of I-94. I made a salad and everyone talked about it (love that when it is sooooo simple and easy to do). She had steak and everyone else brought stuff - so just a big variety. Nice to meet new people and most everyone I have met in the last year has been welcoming, nice and friendly.

    Love the blog........ nice idea. Love you bunches and know God is everywhere and with you always. Seek His will and plan and you can't go wrong - blessings are everywhere.


  3. I'm so glad you've met some nice people and you are doing well. That pic of the Windy City is pretty cool, we will have to go visit. I hope that everyone is treating you well (all though I know they are). This is the beginning of a wonderful summer for you. You are going to grow so much and I'm so incredibly proud of you.

  4. Emily,

    You're mom is so nice to complement my idea for you to start a blog.

  5. WHAT?!!?!? they couldn't put sprinkles on the cone? they don't even deserve the DQ name. oh and also--- glad you made it safely and all that good stuff :) i am personally just appalled by the ice cream issue.