Monday, May 18, 2009

i now have stumps with no endings.

aka, i feel like my feet are going to fall off. i need crocs (as much as i hate to say it.) brian (the food service manager) is going to get me some soon, but hasnt found any in my size around here yet.

today i didnt really know what to expect for the day. so, i made the (in retrospect) poor decision of taking a shower. i went down to breakfast and 40 minutes later i was in the kitchen baking away. today i made white bread, chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, foccacia bread, poppy seed bread, and oreo ice cream pie. oh goodness. what a long day. all those things are manageable, especially in the amounts i made them (for 80 people) but by yourself its still not a walk in the park.

thats pretty much all i have to update on, since i worked from 8:45a-7:45p. im tired. we are all getting to know each other better so thats going well. im going to head down to the porch right now and hang out with some folks before returning to take shower #2 and sleep like a baby.

God is good, even in the hard work :)



  1. Like your picture.... is that the one w/Uncle John? I think I recognize the top???? Sleep well. MOM

  2. Keep up the good work, hun! I know that its going to be challenging until you get used to it, but I know you will! You can do anything you put your mind to.