Tuesday, May 19, 2009

joey has an oar and carries it around.

today was a pretty good day, definitely not as loco as yesterday. i woke up at 7:20a with a substantial headache as I got ready for 7:30a breakfast. I have entered into summer kitchen mode, which means waking up 10-15 minutes earlier than i need to be at work. so, i did that, went downstairs to a delicious french toast breakfast before going to work. today i made oatmeal cookies, coffee cake, and angel food cake. thats.... about it.

we (first year interns) also had safety training and learned how to life safely and evacuate safely. both good things to know. then it was back to the kitchen to assemble cookie plates for lunch. then the rest of the day was kind of just prep stuff, cleaning, and i also decorated the bakery with a poster of pictures i made on snapfish, my calendar, and a few other little things. it looks more homie now.

its still kind of weird as far as community goes. a lot of people know each other in one way or another, and i feel very much the new kid. on top of that, im back in seclusion (the bakery is within the kitchen but off to the back/side) so even when people are in the kitchen i rarely see them. so, its just still very much a getting to know you process, and figuring out what my place is within the group. some times are better than others, some times are lonely and others i feel like i cant find a minute to myself! but right now im good.... sitting in the west wing (what we call the intern apartment type area, where we have bedrooms, bathrooms, and a lounge) and all of us are trying to do stuff on the YL staff website but YL hates mac users, so we cant. lame.

off to go clean up dinner and re-set tables.... im excited for work crew to be here so that we can do our jobs and not do what they usually do (mainly, dining room - serving, setting, and cleaning up, and pits - which are the kids that wash all the dishes.)

until next time.....

ps the title is b/c joey (one of the parasail interns) found a mini oar and carried it around all day.


  1. You sound like you're doing great! I'll pray that the community continues to develop! And I'll definitely come visit you in the bakery when I'm a WC boss 3rd sesh:) But by then you'll prob feel all comfy and more things will be figured out;) Where do you guys live? Are you above the DH/Kitch by WC housing? I remember that's where JenAck was when she interned...:) - Katie Graf

  2. Thanks for clearing up the Joey thing.