Sunday, July 26, 2009

session three... excuse me, what?

third session started today. and again i say it; excuse me, what? so weird to think that 2 years ago i was the new summer staffer in the bakery, not knowing what i was doing, and now im training someone to do that very thing. my new summer staffer, melanie, is great. im excited to see how we work together and see how things work out.

side bar, the boys are OBSESSED with settlers of catan. i feel like i am back in the days of hekman, james regan, timotei, etc playing it all the time at every social function for YL at home. i rejected it then, and i reject it now.

its kind of hard to update right now. lets see. the last week was ok... it was a struggle to feel like it was still week 2 in the bakery when in actuality it was week 4. i felt like i was still teaching, and thats hard to do when you feel like you've been doing that for 3 weeks already (oh, wait, i have.) but, last session is over and we're onto the next session.

its a very weird to be here now. we have 11 weeks behind us, and i feel like everyone is tired. its hard to show grace at this point in a lot of different ways; to each other, summer staff and work crew, a new assigned team... i just hope that we are able to give everyone a chance and enjoy the last 3 weeks of people being here and enjoy getting to know 100 new names. we have a very diverse group this session, vs the essentially all white last two sessions, and im excited for that. the diversity makes it feel a bit more like ann arbor, and that is nice.

i am also getting excited to come home, while still enjoying being here. i am excited to be looking for jobs, even though its quite scary. i've applied for 2 this week, both in DC. im not really thinking about location too much; beggers cant be choosers. i will think about the distance aspect if the opportunity presents itself.

im excited to go downtown, see friends, see my parents, and see my josh. yet - while all these things are true, i am excited to invest for the last few weeks and really try and make the most of these people and this experience.

yesterday on my day off i hung out with christine mostly; we went to sunflower hill (a coffee shop) and she worked on her support letters (she's going to be a year-long intern at Sharptop in GA) and i did some e-mails and finished a coverletter. then we went to boeke's (the former waterfront director that christine knows well) and i helped her stuff her support letters while watching everybody loves raymond. it was a great day to just spend with her doing menial tasks but having good company. came back and did intros with the new summer staff/work crew, went out on the new boat to break it in a bit, and then joey, christine and lindsey bray and i went to eat. we ended up at perkins and shared a lot of laughs, it was really fun. a great day off in my book.

now off to do a few things solo.... im excited for some alone time :) ive realized how precious it is and how much i need it.


  1. settlers is awful. you are wise to always reject it.

  2. Those boys sound cool. Give them and Settlers a chance.

  3. tim, i knew your comment would be similar to that which you made.

  4. Enjoyed this post...... you are wise and careful to see all sides of things. Like your friend you hung out with - nice name! :) Love you sweets, see you soon..............