Wednesday, July 8, 2009

oh hello.

sorry it has been a while since my last post of substance (not that talking about Joe Lindgaard isnt substantial...). a lot has been going on, and ... well.... i dont know. just havent had time to type.

the last time i wrote was week 4 of 1st session. it is now the middle of week 2 of 2nd session. courtney has left (much to my dismay) and my new summer staffer's name is Bronaugh (pronounced Bro-nah). She's from Ireland. Not "Oh, I moved here 6 years ago but I'm originally from Ireland" but like 2 weeks ago she was in ireland, and in 2 weeks she'll be back in Ireland. Things are going ok. She is pretty quiet and that makes conversation difficult. I am also learning new ways f leading and teaching, as she has been a little slower to pick up on the routine of htings. Not to mention, she is not used to our unit ofmeasure so that slows things down, too. But, we are still getting our work done. The men this session is a bit different. I no longer have 2 long days, 1 medium day, and 3 short days but now 6 days that are all pretty much the same legth. which, has its pro's and cons. I get ode about the same time each day, but now no really hsort days anymore.

Saturday in the evening all the interns went out on the boat to watch firewoks. we had some lovely snacks and fun times. we even swam afterwards. here are a few pictures:

i was excited to try out the fireworks setting on my camera. it was a fail. this is on the underwater setting. go figure.

everyone! (except courtney and katya)
i just love it.

what else. last week Wednesday i felt really gross. i took 3 naps, woke up to serve dessert at camper dinner, and went back to bed at 9pm. i had a headache and i felt like i was going to throw up. never a good combination. but i slept it off and felt fine the next day.

i now have 2 braces for my carple tunnel infested wrists, which i wear only at night. but, at some point in the night, i am still asleep and get annoyed with the left one and rip it off, because its on the floor every morning.

community stuff is ok.... I feel like we kind of all put on a good face of "yeah this is great" but we arent really digging deep with each other. i dont really know what the answer for that is, except for reaching out to people when they reach out to you, and have everyone be intentional about that. its so easy to just do our jobs and sit around the lounge after rather than trying to have a meaningful conversation with someone or at least hear more about their story.

we talked about that last friday night (sorry, a bit out of order) when jimmy, bj, jose, mads and i went to go see "away we go". it was a really, really great film and afterwards we went to kroll's (a diner in fargo.... oh, yeah, we had to go to fargo to see it.) we had great conversation spurred by the great maddie deegan who i feel like always asks great questions. we talked a lot about this community stuff and how we can be actively working toward making it everything it can be.

JJ alberhasky is here this week, and doing special music which is innnnncredible. the concert is tomorrow night and i hope/expect JJ and Jose to each record it in their mediums (sound and film, respectively.)

oh, and to go back again, washtenaw county was here last week. i think i mentioned that at some point, but let me expand.

so first, they were the first group to get here and a cried when the bus arrived. i had been saying i was going to cry, but i didnt think i actually would. i got to spend some one-on-one time with a few leaders (i felt like time was so crunched and i didnt want to be taking away time that people could be spending with kids) and it was soooo good for my heart. to talk about things and compare them to the past and have people know what that means. for people to know my heart and know my hurts was so great.

but, at the same time, i realized the value of this experience here with interns because i have a chance for NEW people to know my heart and hurts, and maybe even people that would have a different insight on them than i would, or people from home would. its just hard because things like that dont always come up in casual conversation and its not an easy thing to be like "hey, heres my crap and why i'm broken, wanna listen?"

speaking of being broken. that has been the theme of bob (davidson)'s talk this week, or at least what i've seen -- being broken, and how we are all broken. last night bob showed a slideshow of a bunch of post-secret type cards that kids had made in cabin time and so many of them were about feeling like they werent enough, which is something i have struggled a lot with and a good friend of mine has constantly tried to combat with telling me "would you shut up -- you are enough, you are God's chosen, His beloved!" It has lead me to wondering how my own experiences can translate into helping and loving kids (whether in YL or not) because of that commonhood of a struggle i have had and continue to battle.

2 weeks ago, there was a post on "the wall" (a wall that the 1st speaker, Annie, had and now Bob has too, which provides an opportunity for kids to draw or write a response to the week and post it on the wall) that i feel like is fitting to my life, an this story and sharing:

this was after opera, where they used a song with that lyric (thats not my name, thats not my name) and i thought it was just very cool.

anyways, now my fingers are tired.

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  1. I'm glad that the 4th was so exciting. Also, its pretty cool that jj is there, you should talk to him. I'm still praying for you daily, sleep well, I will talk to you tomorrow.