Monday, July 20, 2009

life is at its best in the west wing..... or flying cloud.

quick post, since i have no business posting.

kate west has been re-located to the flying cloud (my room), because her room is now the issolation room for those with H1N1 type symptoms. its been great. except she is way more responsible with going to bed than i am. i should be asleep. she is. i am not. shes great and im glad she is my bunk mate.

i went parasailing again tonight, this time with alicia, and it was awesome. she was in issolation for H1N1, but she feels fine. hopefully i didnt contract it. if i did.... love you all.

tonight after work crew visits (which really shouldnt be stressful but somehow always are) came up to the intern lounge and did the orange pop taste challenge (sunkist beat slice and fanta in all races) with jose, mads, jj and joe. we just laughed and told stories...... those are my favorite times being here. i often feel really left out of great experiences, especially in the camper realm, since i never see them. so i miss out on great experiences, like the ones that people are going to have with capernum kids (kids here with special needs). but those are the times, with the interns (...and property staff...) that i love most - relaxing, talking, growing, and sharing life.

days like these make me want more time here.... make me want more time to go deeper and have evenings like this.


  1. Has there been a lot of H1N1 symptoms at camp so far?

  2. yeah, 1 or 2 confirmed cases, and a bunch of people quarantined out of fear... but not confirmed or developed. frontier had like 15 or something.... thats why everyone is screened before they come now.